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Monday, January 10, 2005

A Lingering Question

I have never understood the desire to own expensive lingerie. I can understand a person's desire to have her partner wear it, for it can surely look hot, but why would you want some for yourself? To "feel sexy" I suppose, but can't you just get stoned and stick your finger up your cunt for the same effect? It's always worked for me.

Perhaps it provides "better support." I could understand such a concept with respect to bras, but what kind of support does your pussy need? In my experience, anything other than 100% pure cotton from Target yields the most unsavory discharge.

Then, I understand there is this concept of "conspicuous consumption" where you buy shit just to show that you can, but how conspicuous would said undergarments be? If I ever do buy expensive lingerie, I will at least be sure to keep my shirt unbuttoned and wear a super-short skirt to display the distribution of my disposable income, because that is the only way anyone will ever see it. In the rare moment of passion I might find myself in, I am sure I will eagerly rip those articles off before they can even be seen.


  • At November 14, 2005 at 9:47 AM, Blogger estado contemplativo said…

    ok so on the lingere.

    it's a matter of personal taste.. if you like cotton, run with it.

    i have to admit, i like lingerie. and this comes from a chickie that hates underwear, never wears it.

    but smooth, sexy lingere... it accentuates. simply. i can wear it all day and never show it off, it's about how it makes me feel..

    same reason some of us enjoy wearing cute lil black dresses, except this is for ME.

    it doesn't have to be expensive. but it can't grate, it can't scratch, it has to be the kinda sensuous quality that mmmm..... ;)

    and oh on the getting stoned and sticking my finger places.. silk undies are DIVINE with, you might just want to try it..


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